How do I collect my commissions in the Affiliate system?


Through the Neolo affiliate system you can recommend products and services and get a percentage of commissions from the amount paid by each of your referrals.


This system only includes shared web hosting plans. Excludes VPS, Dedicated Servers, add ons and Domains from commissions.


Currently the commission is 30% and payments are made through PayPal and take 30 to 90 days because all referred clients must be validated.


In order to be validated it is required that you have reached at least 100 USD and issue an Invoice that can be generated at in the name of Pulsion LLC for the required amount.


Then you open a support ticket indicating the PayPal account and attaching the invoice generated so that the area in charge can process the payment between 30 - 90 days.


You can contact us for any additional questions

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