How to check if my connection has been blocked by the server where my account is hosted?

When you can browse other pages and you cannot do it on your own website, it is very likely that you will not be able to access from your Internet connection due to a possible automatic blocking of your IP in our security system (Firewall).

Surely, if you enter from another connection, you will be able to view the site and use the services normally.

The IP is blocked for security when the system detects repeated attempts to access cPanel, FTP, mail client or Webmail with an invalid password. In general, it crashes with several unsuccessful attempts in a given time.

The steps to follow are those:

1)Enter from the computer that presents the block
2)Copy the IP address shown
3)Open a ticket from your client area indicating your IP address and the domain associated with the service.
4)We will respond indicating the firewall report, so you can make the necessary changes and avoid new blocks. The report is generated by the server's firewall and indicates the IP address and cause of the blocking

The most common causes of blockage:

smtpauth, pop3d and imapd: These errors indicate that a mail client is configured with the wrong password.
An email client is an application that can be installed on any device to manage emails, the most used are Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird, Apple Mail and Android Mail Apps.

If you put a wrong password, wrong user or a user that does not exist in cPanel in the application configuration, it will try to connect to the server wrongly several times per hour. This action is interpreted by the server's firewall as an attack on your email accounts and therefore blocks the connection.

The solution is to remove the configuration in the mail client and make sure the correct data is being used when trying to configure again

cpanel: An attempt has been made repeatedly to access cPanel or Webmail with incorrect access data.

ftpd: An attempt has been made to access repeatedly with incorrect access data via FTP.

eximsyntax:It can be caused by a virus trying to send spam from your computer/device or by using an Outlook-like mail assistant, for example, that is very old. It is recommended to install and keep running anti-malware on your computer
mod_security: It is a security module that offers an extra layer of protection, it is activated when specific changes are made to your accounts, technicians can make an exception to the ModSecurity rule that is activated or you can temporarily disable it from the cPanel of your account.

WPLOGIN: Occurs when trying to access your WordPress wp-admin with a wrong password

XMLRPC: It is when there is an application that tries to connect directly to a specific file, in this case you must notify by ticket which application you are using.

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