How to optimize Wordpress?

WordPress is the most popular content platform for websites in the world.

But one of WordPress disadvantages, besides its security, has to do with its excessive consumption generated in a web hosting server WordPress application.

Our main objective is to maintain your website always online and with an excellent speed performance. Therefore, when a website made with WordPress starts consuming more resources than the ones established on your hosting plan, the website can run slowly or be buffered and could eventually affect other users on the same servers.

High resource consumption of WordPress increases CPU and RAM usage, by simply minimizing plugins and turning off unused settings you will be able to reduce resource issues. In this case, we advise you to contact the developer of each of the plugins so that they can assist you with solutions or either use another plugin that does not cause high resource consumption.

On the other hand, it may happen that your website starts getting much more visitors, since its inception WordPress has not been developed to be used in High-Traffic websites, but to be installed in many low traffic sites.

This might its likely to happen if your WordPress website shows signs of excessive resources consumption:

  • Website will run slow or buffer when loading

  • Website loads intermittently

  • In extreme cases the website is suspended in order to keep the server stable

How to fix Higher CPU, Memory Usage for WordPress site?

  1. Install WP-Super Cache that will transform dynamic requests into HTML static pages decreasing consumption in web hosting servers.

  2. Install Cloudflare to start replicating your website on hundreds of servers and lower consumption on the web hosting server. You can install it directly from your cPanel.

  3. Decrease the number of posts you show on the main page.

  4. Avoid using functions like wp_list_pages ()

  5. Integrates CSS and JavaScript into one.

  6. Reduce the amount of images shown in each pageview to the bare minimum. You can use the WP-Smushit plugin.

  7. Keep everything updated in WordPress. Always the latest version of both the core and plugins.

  8. If you have made all these changes and WordPress resources are still a problem, then we suggest you to upgrade to a Hosting Premium Plan or VPS. It seems that your website has definitely grown and requires more than a shared hosting.

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