Website suspended for excessive resource usage

Resources on a server are limited and therefore the CPU and RAM disk usage are monitored for problematic levels of usage. While temporary spikes in CPU and RAM usage are normal, steady elevated CPU/RAM usage may raise performance-compromising red flags.

You will receive warnings befor the website is suspended without previous notice in order to maintain machine health. This may occur at any time the load of the machine is outside of safe operating parameters.

We are referring to CPU or Central Processing Unit (which is the heart of the server), physical and virtual RAM, or disk I / O resources. This has nothing to do with disk usage or bandwidth, which is indeed unlimited. 

Website suspended for excessive CPU  usage:
CPU is what does all of the work when loading a website, or transferring files, etc. 

CPU usage indicates how much of a workload is being handled by the server for each of your running tasks or commands. A load of 100% means that processor is fully utilized, whereas a load of 50% means that it's sitting idle half the time. Your averages have steadily exceeded this exponentially and by exorbitant amounts.

Website suspended for excessive RAM usage:
Physical and virtual RAM in shared servers are set to 768MB

Website suspended for excessive I / O (input/output defined as KB/s) usage:
A disk I/O describes every process that involves writing to or reading from a storage device. When you exceed your i/o limit what will happen is that the site will start responding slower or just “hangs” unable to fulfill the request.

You will need to optimize your site to decrease resources consumption and if optimization doesn't work, the last option is upgrading to a Hosting Premium or VPS.

Ideas to improve performance:

- Install cloudflare from cPanel> Cloudflare> Activate
- If you use WordPress install Super Cache:
- Hire a programmer to optimize the code

It will be possible to enable the hosting account for one hour so you can review and optimize the files on your website.

Do not hesitate to contact our tech support team if you have any questions or concerns. We will assist as much as possible.


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