What to do if my internet provider blocks cPanel ports?

Some internet providers or firewalls block ports 2083 and 2087, leaving the URLs that use them inactive,

This causes:

  • The function of accessing cPanel without entering the password from the client panel does not work.
  • If it is entered from yourdomain.com/cpanel or a similar url, it will most likely not work either.

The only way to get around this problem is to use subdomains instead of using "cPanel", "Webmail" or "WHM" ports or folders. Either those of the server or those of the domain.

In these examples you would have to change "server" to the name of the server where your account is hosted or "yourdomain.com" to the domain of your website (without www):

Using the Server name (If the domain's DNS has not yet been delegated):




Using the domain name (When DNS points to Neolo):




When accessing with the cPanel subdomain it does not use the default ports, so the website should load without problems if the Internet Service Provider (ISP) or firewall is blocking these ports.

Contact us by opening a support ticket if you have questions regarding this topic and require more information about it.

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