How to resolve the error "cURL error 28: Connection timed out after X milliseconds"?

The cURL is part of a software used by WordPress and other applications to send and receive data requests using URLs. The cURL 28 error in WordPress occurs when there is no timely response to requests for data from the server.

It may be due to one or more factors, which is why we mention the most frequent solutions:

Temporarily disable WordPress firewall
If you use a security plugin or a firewall for WordPress, try deactivating it from the WordPress administrator panel. Then you go to the WordPress Health report page to check if the problem has been resolved.

If the problem has been resolved, you should search the security plugin log to verify which API has been blocked and then make an exception for that API

Disable all plugins
Each plugin can generate its own API requests and this can cause incompatibility issues. If disabling all the plugins has resolved the problem, then we start activating them one by one until we identify the plugin with the conflict.

To resolve conflicts with plugins, their developers should be contacted as this situation exceeds the responsibility of the hosting company.

Make sure the latest updates are being used
This includes the latest versions of PHP, cURL Library and Open SSL. This can be checked from the WordPress admin under Tools> Site Health

Fix mixed content issues on websites with an SSL certificate installed.
If there are elements that make calls to http in an https website, it can give rise to this error. To correct it, you can install a plugin that eliminates mixed content and verify that the SSL certificate is correctly installed

If all of the above fails, contact Neolo's team.
You can open a query ticket or write from your email associated with the service indicating all the steps you have carried out and attach the exact details of the error.

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