What is the limit of emails per hour?


Web hosting and email hosting solve the vast majority of needs for email, but there are some cases that require increasing the number of emails to send per hour, this article is for them.


One of the most widely used services in the world is email. E-mail have to work perfectly, free of spam and bounces.


If a web hosting and email hosting provider allows its users to send an unlimited number of emails per hour, then that policy becomes a free access for spammers. Spammers take advantage of poorly configured web servers and email hosting (with few restrictions) to send hundreds of thousands or millions of emails to their email databases.


And what happens when a spammer finds a misconfigured server? Simple: Genuine users like individuals, professionals, SMEs and various organizations who want to send emails cannot because:

Your emails get spammed

Your emails bounce off the recipient


So, it is essential that the web server and email hosting are correctly configured. Correct settings include limiting the number of emails per hour per domain. In other words, limit the number of emails to be sent within 60 minutes.


On our servers, this number varies between 80 and 150 emails per hour, depending on the performance of the server. These values ​​are reasonable and cannot be modified.


If you need to send more than that number of emails per hour, it may be because you want to contact a large database or because you have several employees working in your organization. In that case, in addition to your traditional web hosting and email hosting service, you will have to start thinking about one of the following two services:


VPS: It is your own server and you can tell us which email limit setting per hour you want to configure. It can even be kept in unlimited emails per hour. This solution is recommended for SMEs and organizations with multiple employees who need to send several emails per hour.

If you need a VPS you can check the ones we offer in our website neolo.com


Email Marketing: It is the ideal solution if you need to send emails to a large database with emails authorized by their holders. Email marketing providers are in charge of keeping the servers always optimized (SPF, DKIM, white lists, IP balancing, low bounce rates, acceptable usage policies, junk mail report program, snds, agreements with spamhaus and other RBLs, etc.) and they provide you with a nice graphical interface so you can load the email database, choose a template, customize it and send it.

If you need email marketing, contact us that we can recommend a discount agency, you can also google and choose the one you want.


If you are not sending this number of emails and yet your emails bounce, it is important to know that the autoresponders that you configure from cPanel, also count as emails, in that case, we suggest to disable them.


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