Support improvements:

We are very happy because we continue to improve our services.
We have achieved metrics that fill us with pride:
60% of the tickets answered in 1 hour
90% of the tickets answered between 1 and 4 hours
100% of the tickets answered between 4 and 12 hours

This gives us an average of 2.30hs for our clients to get an answer.

According to Zendesk, the average of the domain and hosting industry is 16.30hs.

Conclusion: Neolo's support is much faster than that of other companies.

Server improvements:

Our servers are online on average 271.555 hours a year, that is, more than 99.999% of the time.
We achieve this thanks to the fact that we do not saturate the servers, keep them updated, and always use the best technology in hardware and software.

Because of this, we have updated our prices:

Unlimited Plan: USD 7 / month
Plan 1: 3.25 USD / month
Plan 0: 2.99 USD / month

For new customers, we offer a 50% discount on the first payment.

As you can see, prices are still below the market average and our offer of servers and support is above the market average.

Therefore, Neolo is still an excellent decision to host your websites and online projects.


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

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